Will These 6 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas Convince You to Move?

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Retirement is finally here. It’s time for a new start. For so long, you’ve dreamed of moving to where the sea meets your home. And Cabo San Lucas has been on your bucket list for far too long. You’ve come to Jud to buy a property, but how exactly will you spend your days? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 6 things to do in Cabo San Lucas, so every day is the start of something new. 

Jud’s Top 6 Things to Do

  1. Sea Kayak out to El Arco

Pictured above, El Arco stands tall at the very tip of Cabo San Lucas and the greater Baja Peninsula. This striking landmass boasts jutting rock formations reaching towards the sky directly out of the azure sea. Beaches like Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach provide passage between the magnificent rocks. It’s the perfect place to kayak out and bask in the sunset beneath this iconic geographic wonder. 


2. Whale Watching in the Sea of Cortez

This must-do activity is something you cannot miss. Every year from December through April, several different species of whales migrate here for mating season. Take a trip out with Whale Watch Cabo or CaboTrek, and don’t be surprised when you happen upon a mighty blue whale or orca skimming the surface. If you’re lucky, you may even see a humpback breach the Sea of Cortez. 



3. Scuba Dive with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are the largest fish species in the world. Thankfully, they’re also gentle giants who feed mainly on plankton and have a peaceful manner. Scuba divers relish an encounter with a whale shark when diving off the coast of the Baja Peninsula. Dive Cabo is a great outfit to check out and get you in the water. 


4. Deep-Sea Sport Fishing

There are more than sight-seeing opportunities, for those who want to get their hands dirty. Whether you’re a beginner or skilled with a reel, Cabo San Lucas offers tremendous opportunities to explore the waters and fish for the area’s largest game. From the 300-pound black and blue marlin to popular yellowfin tuna, you’ll have no problem checking this item off the bucket list. 


5. Jump Into a Cabo San Lucas Food Tour

Juan More Taco Food Tours is the easiest way to experience Cabo San Lucas’s authentic Mexican cuisine. This immersive dive into deliciously true native flavors is a personalized walking tour that takes you on a culinary adventure of Cabo’s historic food scene.  


6. Buy Yourself a Home

Considering we’ve only touched the surface of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, don’t you want to buy a home? As Baja’s Best Realtor, Jud has access to a broad and expansive market of different properties and will help guide any homebuyer to their new home. Contact Jud today and make every day a perfect day.

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