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Will These 6 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas Convince You to Move?

Retirement is finally here. It’s time for a new start. For so long, you’ve dreamed of moving to where the sea meets your home. And Cabo San Lucas has been on your bucket list for far too long. You’ve come … Read More

Here’s How to Get Mail in Mexico

Through the benefit of the world-wide web, email, and international cellular networks, communicating while living abroad is easier than ever. Despite these high-tech methods, snail mail still plays a major role in the delivery of essential items from parcels, invitations, magazines … Read More

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Owning Property in Cabo | Return on Investment

In November, Cabo welcomes the return of those seeking to escape the cooler temperatures in the northern regions. Many arrive with rental reservations intending to remain through the winter months and into the spring. In past, I have emphasized the … Read More

Mexican Flag; Moving to Mexico

The Election is Finally Over. Moving to Mexico is Easier Than You Think. It Starts With Obtaining a Visa.

The recent turmoil surrounding the U.S. election and the fallout resulting from it have generated numerous inquiries about possibly relocating, either full or part-time to Mexico. Many want to consider such an option but don’t know where to start. It … Read More

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Timing is Everything | Buy Cabo Real Estate Now!

The fall months and cooler weather in the U.S. and Canada mark the beginning of the busy or “high season” in Los Cabos. Hotel occupancy rates climb and rentals of local condos soar. Similarly, interest in Cabo real estate begins … Read More

Retiring in Cabo

Retiring in Cabo | It Just Makes Sense

As more and more of the baby boomers transition from careers to retirement, many are retiring in Cabo, Mexico, to enjoy their Golden Years. The reasons are varied, but three factors typically cited include: climate, affordability and quality of life. … Read More

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Learn More About Medical Care in Mexico

The second most asked question by those considering a real estate investment in Mexico is, “How is the medical care in Mexico?” (For more information surrounding the most asked question, see Can I actually OWN real estate in Mexico?) The … Read More

Own real estate in Mexico

Can I OWN Real Estate in Mexico?

Yes, You Can Own Real Estate in Mexico Yes, you CAN! Ownership of Mexican real estate by foreigners is widely misunderstood. Many assume non-citizens are barred from ownership and limited to a 99 year lease. Others erroneously believe ownership remains … Read More

The Hotel California

Welcome to the Hotel California! Made famous by the iconic song of The Eagles, the hotel enjoys the benefit of urban legend but is, in fact, completely unrelated to the band or the song. More about that later. The Hotel … Read More