Moving to Mexico with Pets? Here’s What You Need to Know

moving to Mexico with pets

So you visited the Baja peninsula, fell in love, and decided, well, why don’t we just move here? Maybe you’re thinking, our kids are grown, and out of the house, we are sick of shoveling snow in the winter, and Jud found us our dream home the last time we visited Los Cabos. But wait, you say, we can’t just pack our beach clothes and hightail it to Mexico; we’ve got Fido to worry about! No, you don’t! Not to worry, moving to Mexico with pets is possible! And much easier than you think. Here’s how you can finally live carefree and move to Mexico with your furry friends in tow.

Moving to Mexico with Pets

The Mexican governmental agency tasked with monitoring pets brought into the country is el Servicio Nacional de Sanidad, Inocuidad, Calidad Agroalimentaria (SENASICA) which essentially is the equivalent to the Health Department in the U.S. They require your pet, two per person, mind you, to have a clean bill of health; the health certificate must be printed with an official veterinarian letterhead. Numerous pets can be on the same document, just make sure you bring the original and a copy.

According to SENASICA, the certificate must include:

  • Name and address of the exporter (from the country of origin) and the importer (to the destination in Mexico)
  • Rabies vaccination proof, including the date of the vaccination and how long it’s good for. Other vaccinations the Mexican government requires is distemper and Bordetella
  • Proof the pet has a clean bill of health for travel
  • Proof the pet is free of both external and internal parasites
  • The name of the veterinarian, license number, and his or her signature

A quick note that SENASICA only considers cats and dogs as pets. If you are moving with a more exotic animal, it likely needs to be approved. Animals like birds and reptiles require both an export permit and import permit issued by both governments. Some animals that people keep in the U.S. are banned here in Mexico. It’s best to contact your local Mexican consulate to see if your type of pet is allowed in the country.

When you are at the border and have presented your pets’ health certificate, an official will inspect your animal and its kennel. They will then issue an import certificate for Fluffy. Bienvenidos a Mexico, perrito o gatito!

Some Extra Advice

Note that you are allowed three pets per entry free of cost. Every pet after three requires an extra fee. It’s also imperative that you microchip all your animals. Finally, this guide is for those traveling to Baja on land. If you are flying with your pet, you must check with your airline as each one has different guidelines.

Jud Waggoman | Your Los Cabos Real Estate Expert

I can help you with extra questions you have with bringing your furry loved ones south of the border. Contact me today to help find you a new home in beautiful Los Cabos. Everyone, two-legged and four, is welcome; ¡Viva Mexico!

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