Moving your Pets to Mexico

Before purchasing the condo or house in Mexico, many want to know, “Can I bring my dog or cat?”  “Is there a quarantine requirement?”  “How hard is it to move my pets to Mexico?”  The answers are yes, no and easy!

¡México Acepta Mascotas! – Mexico is Pet Friendly!

If you want to bring your dog or cat with you to Mexico the procedure is very simple and straight forward.  Importation of other pets i.e. birds and reptiles, require considerable paperwork, both from the foreign country and Mexico.  Contact the local Mexican consulate for more information.  NOTE:  There is NO quarantine procedure when importing your pet to Mexico.

The Health Certificate

If arriving from the U.S. or Canada, importation of your pet to Mexico will require a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.  There are two options.  Most U.S. vets issue the USDA form 7001; if traveling from Canada, the Canada Export Tri-Lingual Veterinary certificate is used.

Alternatively, a licensed veterinarian may use a template printed on their letterhead.  If your pet is traveling to Mexico from a country other than the US or Canada, then this option with a current health certificate is what your pet will need.  The template is provided by SENASICA, Mexico’s Department of Health and Agriculture.

The health certificate will state the pet is current with their vaccinations, including rabies, and is free from parasites.  The certificate must be no more than 10 days old, therefore prior planning is essential.

Travelling With Your Pet

Travelling by car to Mexico with your pet is simple yet requires forethought and preparation.  It is recommended to use a crate or pet kennel.  You will likely encounter several security checkpoints and your pet may be protective of you while talking to security.  Having your dog safe in its crate makes the process easier than having to wrestle with your barking dog.  Security may, but likely will not, ask for your health certificate.  Be sure and keep it handy just in case.  When I crossed the border with my dog, the immigration officials waived me through and never checked for pets, a health certificate or any of my belongings.  Make sure there is sufficient padding in the bottom of the crate.  Carry plenty of water and a container from which your pet can drink.  Make plenty of stops to allow your pet to exercise and relieve itself.  Consider packing plenty of their favorite food as it may not be readily available along the way.  Once you arrive at your destination most stores, including pet shops, carry all major and specialty brands of pet foods found in the U.S. and Canada.

If importing your pet to Mexico by air, most airlines have their own rules and guidelines.  It is best to check with your airline prior to travel.  You will be required to produce your health certificate to the airline representative at check in.  Generally, airlines will require a kennel with “LIVE ANIMAL” marked on the front and top.  Make sure there is plenty of absorbent material in the bottom of the crate.  Shredded newspapers will suffice or pet shops sell absorbent travel liners as well.  Do not put loose water or food in the crate.  It is recommended you carry extra food and water for your pet’s arrival to Mexico.  Officials will ask for the health certificate and will allow you to import a reasonable amount of food upon arrival.

It’s That Simple!

You are allowed to import two pets per person to Mexico at no charge.  You may import more than two pets subject to additional fees and paperwork.  Overall, importing your pet to Mexico is simple and carefree.  You and your furry friends will love your new life living in Mexico.

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