How Hard is it to Move to Mexico?

move to mexico

Moving to Mexico is a dream come true. Many people think moving is overwhelming — let alone to another country, but it is not as difficult as you think! I put together some pointers that will help you prepare for the big move to Mexico!


Before you do anything, you must obtain a Temporary Resident Visa before you can apply for a permanent one unless you are applying for retirement. You can get a Temporary Resident Visa from the Mexican Consulate Offices. These offices are located in large cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

If you are planning a move to Mexico, it’s best to try to obtain the temporary visa. This visa is for people who are planning to stay in Mexico for more than six months, and it is valid for four years. To apply for this visa, you must make an appointment at your local Mexican Consulate Office. Make sure to bring documentation of your funds — bank statements, pay stubs, payroll reports — and your passport. Your financial documents are significant because if you want to move to Mexico, you must prove you can support yourself. You will be required to fill out an application regarding your motive to move to Mexico. They will take your picture, and you will surrender your passport for review of your application. You will receive a date to return and to pick up your passport and visa — this process can take up to three weeks.

Once you’ve received your visa, and completed your move checklist, you’re on your way to Mexico! Once you arrive, the immigration authorities will issue a form that must be taken to the nearest immigration office in order to obtain your temporary visa. Be aware that there are strict deadlines for obtaining this.

Local knowledge: If you don’t receive your visa in time or don’t have time to apply — there is a loophole. You can stay in Mexico for six months at a time, without any immigration issues, for 180 days. This visa is referred to as the short-term non-immigrant visa, visitante.

How to Move Your Household Goods

Do not attempt to move your items alone. Instead, hire an experienced moving company who understands the Mexican regulations and paperwork. You must complete the declaration of household goods, menaje de casa, which is a list of your household items — don’t forget to include the model and serial numbers. If attempting to move all of your belongings to Mexico feels overwhelming, there is another option. You can buy many household items in Mexico. Los Cabos is a booming area, which means developers understand you might want to buy new instead of moving your items. Furniture packages usually run around $20K (based on quality, style, and size) and typically include furniture, artwork, curtains, and rugs that pair well with the theme of your new home.

Finding the Right Guide to Help You

After visiting Los Cabos many times, I became enchanted with the culture, local charm, and dream of a simpler lifestyle, which is why I made the big move to Mexico. I understand the countless questions relating to the decision of moving to Mexico. Contact me, I would love to help you make informed decisions about your big move!

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