Living in Cabo

The perfect getaway

You fell in love with the romance of Mexico and now you’re wondering what living in Cabo might be like. Cabo provides residents, both part- and full-time, with an incomparable and superb lifestyle. When you call Los Cabos home, you’re choosing a better quality of life. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or you plan to retire and live here year-round, take these tips into consideration when thinking about living in Cabo.

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Practical information about living in Cabo

Los Cabos is a unique environment where the warm, dry desert is surrounded by spectacular ocean views. There are 350 days of beautiful sunshine, NO SNOW and the cost of living is 20-25% less than the U.S and Canada. Airlines offer direct flights to most major airports. Housing prices are extremely reasonable and less than most major metropolitan cities. Property taxes are negligible. Locals shop at Costco, Home Depot, Walmart and major grocery store chains owned by U.S. Companies. With the internet, the world is pretty small. The latest fiber optic and cellular service keeps you connected to your business and loved ones back home.


Many transplants to Mexico from the United States and Canada wonder about medical services and healthcare. Professional doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, dentists and plastic surgeons offer their services, which allows you to choose the right healthcare provider for your needs. The only difference is local medical costs are a fraction of what you pay back home. Most insurance plans are accepted. Yes, doctors in Cabo still make house calls!


Cabo isn’t just paradise for humans; pets love Cabo, too. Our pets are our closest companions and being able to bring your beloved cat or dog to your new home in Cabo is essential.

• Dogs and cats need a health certificate from a U.S. veterinarian stating they are healthy and show proof of vaccinations
• Health certificates should be notarized
• Veterinarians, boarding facilities and groomers are plentiful.
• There is a legal limit of three pets per person, however more can be bought with a fee
• No birds are allowed that aren’t native to Mexico
• Transporting reptiles to Mexico is illegal
• As long as you have the proper paperwork, pets don’t have to be quarantined when entering Mexico


Snorkeling, scuba diving, boogie boarding, fishing, whale watching, boating, swimming, water skiing, and the list goes on. Water activities reign supreme in Los Cabos, meaning you can do whatever activity your heart desires. Back on land, go for a hike, play golf at one of Los Cabos’ fifteen world championship golf courses or go shopping. Living in Cabo offers both residents and visitors alike a better quality of life with a variety of activities to choose from. In Cabo, you live more but spend less.





Welcome to foodie heaven.


When visiting or thinking of relocating to Mexico, it’s natural for anyone to immediately think about food. Los Cabos offers a varied and exciting restaurant scene, whether you’re a foodie or someone who prefers street tacos. From Invita Bistro, which is regularly known as the best restaurant in Cabo, to Doggy Style, where our Canadian friends can indulge in poutine, there’s something for all appetites.

Cabo’s fantastic dining scene makes it difficult to choose the best of the best. From date night to lunch out with the kids, Los Cabos offers amazing meals time and time again. Fall in love with these excellent restaurants:

  • El Farallon Restaurant at Capella Pedregal – Enjoy the view from an ocean front table while dining on the catch of the day
  • Agua at One & Only Palmilla – On a bluff overlooking the Sea of Cortez dine on “Mexiterranean” cuisine
  • Michoacanos – Mouth-watering savory smoke pork served in tacos or tortas for about $3 each
  • Asi y Asado – More than 20 types of tacos, need we say more
  • Nick-San Cabo – Sushi in Mexico? Fresh and inventive sushi
  • Las Cazuelas del Don – Off the tourist loop this local restaurant is about as authentic as you can get.
  • Zippers – Family friendly joint on Cabo Azul beach. Sometimes you just need a burger!



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