How Living in Mexico Improves Your Quality of Life

couple with high quality of life walking on beach in Mexico

It’s no secret that Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world—and for good reasons. From majestic coastal villas to metropolitan hubs enriched in refined history and culture, Mexico reminds us of the reasons why we’re alive: to experience beauty, bold authenticity, and overwhelming magic. People travel here on vacation to escape their monotonous routine back home, searching the world for something different. When they find what they’ve been looking for, they might buy a home in Cabo San Lucas and stay for the rest of their life. But why? Living in Mexico undoubtedly increases their quality of life, and we can prove it. 

Your Quality of Life Matters. But What is It?

According to Forbes, quality of life is influenced by the standard of comfort, health, and happiness in which you live. There are a variety of different factors that play into determining these standards. In Mexico, factors like the lower cost of living and ease of access to high-quality healthcare give residents plenty of time to slow down and unwind in the balmy sunshine. 

The Lower the Cost, the Better the Life

A fair amount of retired expats, remote workers, and world travelers make the move to Mexico every year, searching for something more. And there’s an apparent economic reason why people keep flocking south of the border. 

Without sacrificing your lifestyle, the cost of living in Mexico can be 60% cheaper than what you would pay in the United States. That’s a significant difference. From dinner out, sufficient groceries, and wondrous Cabo San Lucas real estate, you’ll pay less and get more than you would north of the border.

Superior Healthcare. Cheaper Costs.

Healthcare is a hot-button issue in the United States. But in Mexico, not so much. It’s much more affordable without sacrificing the quality you need to feel safe and cared for. Private health insurance is a fraction of the cost than what it would be in the U.S. and is even better in places popular among expats. That fact alone makes Cabo San Lucas an excellent place to not only live but also thrive.


A Tropical Paradise

The closer you are to the equator, the more tropical the weather will be. But you don’t need a meteorologist to tell you that. Cabo San Lucas, experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year with the average temps hovering around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. That means 300 more days a year where you can sip lime margaritas while soaking in another remarkable Mexican sunset.

The Change You Need

If you haven’t figured it out, your quality of life matters. And Jud Waggoman has already helped many make the changes they need.  Contact Jud today and escape the everyday routine by buying a home in Cabo San Lucas, your oasis by the sea.

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