House Hunting in Cabo Starts with Jud Waggoman

house hunting the perfect villa

If you’ve ever watched an episode of House Hunters, you know that searching for a home can be a lot of fun. But it can also be a ton of work. With the best real estate agent in Baja, Jud will deliver you with a house hunting adventure without doing all of the legwork yourself. 

House Hunting Inspiration

The first step to house hunting the Baja Peninsula starts with Jud, as he holds the keys to a variety of properties throughout the region. From oceanside views to picturesque villas in the heart of downtown, there’s plenty to find. But you’ll need to establish what it is you’re looking for. These three distinct homes could give you the inspiration you need. 

Punta Arena

The first stop on this tour explores the tranquil El Tezal community. The Punta Arena property is a part of a gated condo community outfitted with poolside terraces and 24-hour security. Whether you want to take a trip downtown and explore the local cuisine or head to the beach for a sunset bath, this three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home offers ocean views at an affordable price.

Asking Price: $205,000

Paseo de la Marina 1, El Domo

Next up is the lively downtown condo, El Domo. Close to all of the amenities, immerse yourself in the heart of Cabo San Lucas and explore world-class restaurants just a short walk away from the area’s pulsating nightlife. This marina condo delivers old-world charm and a two-bedroom, two-bathroom space with domed vaulted ceilings. You’ll never have to drive from your door to the boat ever again. After all, deep-sea fishing is why people move here for good. And El Domo is where the sea meets your home. 

Asking Price: $399,000

Arriba de la Roca

The final stop along the tour takes you up the winding cliff sides of Arriba Lane, as there’s not another property quite like Arriba de la Roca. This hilltop residence overlooks the ocean and offers 360-degree views of a majestic azure sea. With five-bedrooms, five-bathrooms, and an oceanfront pool terrace, this modern-day Casablanca is the crown jewel of the Baja Peninsula. Its stunning features take your breath away while setting an example of high luxury done sustainably with the entire property powered 100% by solar energy. Offering just the right amount of solitude, Arriba de la Roca is 35-minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. It’s close enough to local amenities that you’re never too far away from your favorite restaurant or nightspot. 

Asking Price: $2,900,000

Time to Hunt

If you’re looking for a house, your hunt starts with Jud. And why not get started while you’re on vacation? Jud’s vacation rentals can be basecamp for all things house hunting in Cabo. It’s a great way to get familiar with the lay of the land as you explore some of the finest properties in all of Cabo San Lucas. 

So, give Jud a call, take a trip south of the border, and find yourself a home that turns your vacation into your new lifestyle. 

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