Having Dreams of Cabo Sunsets? Here’s Your Guide to Buying a Home in Mexico

harbor of cabo san lucas

It’s finally arrived. The opportunity you’ve been waiting for. That “pipedream” of buying a home in Mexico isn’t such a long shot anymore. But before you start packing your bags, you’ll want to consider a few different hangups you may run into when buying a home in Mexico. If you’re searching for your new villa in Cabo San Lucas, Jud Waggoman is the real estate agent for you.

Jud’s here to help you navigate the big move south of the border and walk you through the step-by-step guide for foreigners buying a home in Mexico.


How to Buy a Home in Cabo

Residency Requirements & Property Ownership

It’s important to consider what Mexico real estate falls inside the “restricted zone.” This Mexican law restricts foreigners from purchasing land titles directly within these specific zones. The “restricted zone” applies to foreign buyers and includes properties that lie within 64 miles of an international border and 32 miles from the coast. This may sound like it’s more difficult to purchase property in Mexico than you originally thought, but it’s actually easier. 

To buy land in the “restricted zone,” foreign buyers must use a Mexican bank trust known as a fideicomiso. The bank will then act as a trustee and hold the deed for the purchaser. But don’t be confused; you own the property! As an experienced real estate attorney, Jud helps his clients navigate every real estate transaction that is governed by federal law. 


Find a Mexico Real Estate Agent  

You’ve already found your answer with Jud Waggoman. As one of Mexico’s finest real estate agents, InMexico Magazine recently voted Jud Baja’s Best Realtor in 2018. 

Jud became enchanted with the cultural diversity, local charm, and simpler lifestyle that Los Cabos has to offer. Each of these traits is translated over to every home he sells. And it’s something he makes sure every homebuyer feels instantly. 

Once you start your real estate journey with Jud, the salty smells from the magical Sea of Cortez will feel as if they’re just under your nose. 


Choose the Perfect Property

If you haven’t seen Jud’s listings yet, you’re in for a treat. From splendid oceanside villas to quiet vacation homes overlooking another stunning sunset, there’s something for every dream owner. 

Once you finalize your fideicomiso with the bank, have all of your contracts drawn up in English by a translator. You don’t want to miss any details. Afterward, it’s time to close your deal. From here, Jud will have you covered. 
The process may seem arduous and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be with Baja California’s best real estate agent. Contact Jud and turn your Mexican dream into your current reality.

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