Cabo Real Estate

Upon arriving in Los Cabos, Mexico, it’s easy to see why people from all over the world have decided to start investing in Cabo San Lucas real estate. Whether you’ve decided to retire to Cabo and live here full time, or you’re interested in buying a vacation home and visit as often as possible, Jud Waggoman can help you find the perfect home in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Imagine Los Cabos, Mexico

Imagine walking out onto the patio of your very own home in Los Cabos. A slight sea breeze whispers against your face. Sand you brushed off from the day before still rolls under the bottom of your feet. At the morning sound of the chirping birds, you smile.


This isn’t a hotel. This is your home. The sea, the sand, and the sun beckon you here. Cabo keeps you coming back.

Why Cabo San Lucas real estate?

Jud’s experience as a homebuyer in Los Cabos paired with his extensive background in real estate law make him the clear choice for a Los Cabos realtor.

Long and Short-Term Housing

When visiting Los Cabos, there are a variety of options for long and short-term housing. Known as a destination resort town, Cabo features miles of hotels, resorts, timeshares and vacation rentals. When considering buying Cabo San Lucas real estate, there are many advantages to owning your own home instead of renting or staying at a resort. Your investment in a vacation property allows you to earn rental income while providing a rent-free accommodation for your Cabo vacation.

Vacation Home

Buyers looking to purchase a vacation home would do well to consider Cabo San Lucas real estate. The ever-increasing number of visitors each year creates a strong demand for vacation rental properties. When you’re not spending time in your beautiful second home, experienced property management allows you to rent the property as a vacation home while you’re away. Cabo offers a strong tourism market, low expenses and excellent rates of return. Additionally, you gain from the property’s increase in value over time.

International Move

If you’re considering a full time international move, then Los Cabos real estate is a no-brainer. Los Cabo real estate and San Jose Del Cabo real estate offer a variety of homes and condos in unique styles for every taste and budget. Whether you’d rather be closer to the city center proximate to dining and shopping, or your highest priority is beach access and a view, Jud Waggoman can help you find the perfect piece of real estate in Los Cabos for your needs, tastes and budget.

Activities and More

Cabo real estate? That question answers itself. Beautiful beaches, water activities, fine dining, premium shopping, and romantic Mexican culture draw people here from all over the world. The real question is, why not Cabo real estate? Contact Jud today for more information about how you can find your perfect piece of Cabo.


Despite the negative publicity surrounding Mexican drug violence, Cabo is safe for families and expatriates. The events described in the news media arise from incidents between individuals involved in the drug trade and not toward the foreign community. In fact, expatriates specifically choose retirement here citing safety and the quality of life. Cabo features Tourism Police whose officers speak fluent English and assist visitors and part-time residents unfamiliar with local laws and regulations. Rest assured, Los Cabos remains a completely safe and family-friendly environment for vacationers, investors, and residents.

Living in Cabo